The Kentucky State Fair Loves Horses

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The state of Kentucky, well-known for its horse breeding holds the World Championship Horse Show at its State Fair held in Louisville. Kentucky is big on horses and it shows with the World Championship held along with the Quarter horse Show and the Miniature Horse Show. The kids will probably love to check that one out to get a look at the cute horses!

The first state fair held was in 1816, so in just a few years it will be celebrating its 200th anniversary. There’s lots available for people of all ages, including the kids and seniors. For kids the fair offers the Kaleidoscope Discovery Zone, with lots of fun and interactive exhibits. Each exhibit focuses on teaching the kids a little bit about one of the five areas in the Arts, Writing, Reading, Technology and Careers, along with the new areas of Science and Social Studies, all the while kids will be having so much fun they won’t realize they are learning.

Seniors have their own special area at the fair in the Senior Fun Room, where they can enjoy cooler air, snacks and drinks and maybe get in a game or two of Bingo. This is also a great place to slip off to if your family is getting a little boring.

Competitions at the fair include not only the typical quilt-making, and baking, but best homebrewed beers. You can also check out the unique and exciting event of Pig racing held every year. Make bets with your friends, with your neighbors, which one is the fastest pig?

There will also be a special Pride of the Counties exhibit area set up to showcase something special that each county in Kentucky has to offer the state and its economy. This exhibit will be in the air conditioned area of Main Street Kentucky. An exposition center that will be plumb full of exciting exhibits and if it’s really hot out it will be very popular among visitors. Too bad the horses can’t come in from the heat.


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